Regional Projects

Project Brazos

Sponsors: Fort Bend County / City of Sugar Land

Goal: Design and implement control structures along the Brazos River within Fort Bend County and the City of Sugar Land to mitigate river bank erosion with the goal of protecting residents and infrastructure in the surrounding areas.

Project Brazos was developed from erosion studies completed by the City of Sugar Land and Fort Bend County over the past few years. The purpose of the studies were to evaluate various sites and project the future erosion at each location. The City of Sugar Land’s study primarily focused on areas impacting the City of Sugar Land while the Fort Bend County study focused on 24 sites across the entire County.

TWDB Regional Flood Planning Group

Sponsor: Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)

Goal: Support efforts by the City of Sugar Land to nominate individuals to participate on the newly formed TWDB Lower Brazos Regional Flood Planning Group.

The TWDB is in the process of forming 15 inaugural regional flood planning groups. These planning groups will be responsible for developing Texas’ first regional flood plans. Each group will be represented by individuals with voting rights for the following 12 interest categories.

Agricultural interests / Industries / River Authorities
Counties / Municipalities / Water Districts
Flood Districts / Electric Generating Utilities / Public
Water Utilities / Environmental Interests / Small Businesses

New hydrologic and hydraulic models developed to predict Lower Brazos River behavior during future floods. Includes 100 and 500 year event water elevations for all FBC LIDs.