About the FBFMA

The FBFMA is a non-profit corporation organized in 2009 under the laws of the State of Texas.

The FBFMA is designed to leverage the strengths of all our members to promote flood risk management efforts across Fort Bend County. The FBFMA allows members to speak with a collective voice when presenting concerns and opinions to those local, state and federal agencies that directly impact our levee systems which protect the vibrant community that is Fort Bend County.

What We Do

We provide a forum for members to collaborate on flood risk management efforts and to promote policies, projects and initiatives that advance flood risk reduction within Fort Bend County.

We monitor and comment on state and national legislation where it has the potential to impact our districts.

We cooperate with FEMA, USACE, and other federal, state and local agencies to hasten the accomplishment of flood risk reduction and management in Fort Bend County.

We serve as an aggregated body leveraging the combined value and voter populations of all our members to promote any and all flood management related activities in our county.